"In all the trainings I have attended in the last 30 or 40 years this training
was the most valuable in enabling my learning of real skills I can take back
into the world and the workplace. I really learned something!"
Mark L.

"I feel free! Free from the limitations I had unconsciously imposed upon myself.
I can't tell you how good it feels to be free of these. I can now see myself as a
powerful woman in a way that is true to my heart."
Ellen L.

"When I first read the word "confrontation" in Joe Weston's title I believed that it
held a negative charge that runs against the grain of my own beliefs. But as I read
Mastering Respectful Confrontation, I re-framed my view. In fact, I’ve been waiting
for a book like this to come along. Joe offers simple solutions to complex problems
in a way that honors the sacredness of the other. Investing time in these practices
lead to improved leadership skills, increased profits and an inspired, productive work
Lance Secretan, corporate leadership consultant and author, The Spark, the Flame, and the Torch

"We waste precious time in our lives and work stepping around and avoiding difficult
situations and conversations. The consequence is distrust and dissatisfaction. The
cost can be significant financially, emotionally and spiritually. Joe Weston confronts us
with a loving and powerful way to bring authenticity to all our relationships. If you
read this book and follow his practices you can be assured that your life will be more
productive, profitable and peaceful."
Thomas White, CEO and Founder, The Wisdom Network

"Joe Weston is essentially cross-cultural and non-judgmental and equally present with
all he meets. His book radiates with the same wisdom, compassion, strength, and
Chaplain Littlejohns, California State Prison at Jamestown, CA

"Our globalizing world comes with increasing differences. And with more differences
come more conflicts. Joe Weston's Mastering Respectful Confrontation teaches better
understanding of the other, bringing more freedom, more joy and more easier collaboration.
There is nothing more important and inspiring."
Jurriaan Kamp, Editor-in-Chief, Ode Magazine

"Joe Weston has written a very useful book for those activists who believe, as I do, in
respect for the humanity of the adversary. The book provides the insights of a keen
and sensitive observer of the human condition, but it goes beyond theory and philosophy
by providing exercises that integrate respectful practices into daily life."
James A. Joseph, former US Ambassador to South Africa, Director of the Center for Leadership and Public Values, Duke University

"Humans have the potential to resolve conflict peacefully--whether it is between
individuals or nations. Joe Weston's trainings in Respectful Confrontation show us
how to manifest that potential in a way that deepens our wisdom and awakens our
heart. Reading this book will bring you more intimacy in your relationships and more
capacity to help stem the tides of violence in our world."
Tara Brach, meditation teacher and author of Radical Acceptance

"I've been doing workshops like these for years, but after this one, I finally get
what real connection is! I felt safe to move through many of my walls. I got to feel
it in my body."
Tom G.

"I now see that there are many different ways to confront, and I now feel
confident to assert myself in ways I found terrifying in the past."
Pauline M.

"I rediscovered a part of myself that I seemed to have lost - that part of me that
was happy!"
Diane M.

"Since the workshop my ability to delegate has quadrupled. I'm also more
confident with negotiating."
James G.

“I am more aware of how much effort I put in to meeting otherʼs needs and
detaching from my own. I now ask my loved ones to help me break this old habit.
I think I have made some progress.”
Ken B.

“I now realize that I can live life my way. I have been avoiding experience and
feeling and I have to encounter more.”
Erik O.

“I have been practicing many things;
adding "blocking moves," flexibility moves and elephant steps to my
yoga practice and daily walks; practicing your feedback techniques,
and trying to maintain flexibility, strength, focus and groundedness.
I also had a hugely insightful conversation with my mom about the
place of conflict and aggression in the home of my childhood and got
some wonderful insights into "why I am the way I am." Fascinating
history of violence and conflict and the fear of those that goes back
4 generations!

So, lots to chew on and the experiential exercises really seem to have
grounded many of the learnings in my body, so stuff keeps coming back
to chew on over and over.”
Barbara W.

“It was a real privilege to work with Joe when he delivered his program. It was
profound, life changing, and Joe is the real deal - a wise, fabulous and gifted

“I feel a difference in the classroom where Iʼm a teacher. I feel like I have more
energy. I am more passionate, intense, and full of life. With this, I can command
more attention from the students. Now I can better cut through the kidsʼ egomania
and get them to focus on the task at hand. With my fellow teachers, I can
give them my card and tell them Iʼm a good sub, without any doubts. I also feel
more complete, more fulfilled.”
Bill B.

“I thought I would share a recent experience with you. I found my partner
introducing himself into a potentially dangerous situation that he felt
uncomfortable being forthright about. I asked for the counsel of a couple wise
friends who validated my position of concern. Feelings of anxiety formed as I
thought about how to approach my partner, disclosing my knowledge and
concern of his plans. I chose to use the skills I developed in the MRC class.
I confronted my partner with my knowledge and immediately used the techniques
from the class. Previously his reactions were tantamount to relinquished angry
emotional outbursts. This time things were very different. We conversed
maturely and with no anger. We resolved the situation resolving the problem at

This could not have been accomplished without the knowledge I gained from
MRC. Thank you so much to all of you for making that weekend an amazing
experience for me.”
Jeffrey L.

“What I have found transformed is my understanding of my need to care for
myself better. To set the rudder better. Part of that practice involves being more
open with others instead of auditioning in order to get what I need in terms of real
contact instead of the semblance of it. To learn how to trust again/more. Being
vulnerable in order to get what I really need or to communicate love or
tenderness is unfamiliar ground. As this last week progressed I did see a desire
for better contact with co-workers and with friends. I wanted to cut to the point of
connection faster.

So, regarding confrontation. I know that improving my sense of self will enable
me to confront respectfully without the expectation that I will lose if I am not
understood or make the other sorry. I have to learn to want what is best for both
and imagining that right now feels impossible because of what I have
experienced thus far. Nevertheless, I see how it could because of you guys and
your willingness to go further and be better men.”
Greg R.

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Mitsubishi Motors
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New York City Council for the Arts
World Trade Center Language School
Webster University in Leiden
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