Joe Weston’s philosophy is grounded in the concept that personal fulfillment and lasting peace are the hallmarks of a healthy society, and that they ARE ATTAINABLE. He works with individuals, groups, companies, and organizations using powerful methods to bring about this reality.

What is not realistic is a utopian society that exists in a state of perpetual balance. This would be an artificial state that denies the possibility of growth.

A healthy society is one that is dynamic, where struggle and differences of opinion do exist, but where respectful resolution of such issues stimulates growth and change. When companies, leaders, partners and friends understand this, then real creativity, peaceful interactions and new solutions can occur.

The path to a healthy society begins with the empowerment of the individual. To be empowered means having a healthy relationship with power, confrontation and assertiveness.

When individuals are empowered, supported, and nurtured, it is possible to eliminate issues such as misunderstanding, burn out, crime and poverty.


"The empowered individual feels secure and confident enough to take care of their own needs and have the courage to confront challenges with integrity.

When individuals are empowered, they feel compelled to support and help others. There is a natural desire to share resources and ideas creatively, and a willingness to share rather than covet power and money.

We begin to feel more secure and allow ourselves to connect with others – especially those who seem different to ourselves – eliminating the root causes of crime and hatred.

Joe Weston’s vision is to provide individuals and companies the skills and tools to operate from a position of personal fulfillment and commit to engage with others in an openhearted way – with respect, understanding, inclusiveness and compassion.

The mission is to support those on the path of self-discovery and personal fulfillment, who share a commitment to making positive contributions to their local community, progressive business models, and a dynamic ever-changing society. The Joe Weston methods guide individuals, groups, companies, and organizations on a path to personal, professional, and social integration – resulting in the discovery of a deeper lasting peace and True Power. Through workshops, trainings, lectures and private sessions, Joe offers clear, simple and powerful ways to develop and maintain:

• Enhanced communication skills, increased productivity, and efficiency
• Greater self-confidence, self-expression, and personal freedom
• Stronger influence with friends, family, and associates
• Enriched relationships, expanded self-awareness
• Clarity in philosophy, life goals, and vision
• Ease in tackling challenging situations and discussions
• Inner peace and fulfillment

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