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Lasting Peace and True Power
September 2008

I believe that it is possible to bring about lasting peace. Peace can only be achieved when founded on a healthy society – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – at both individual and collective levels.

It is a utopian belief to assume that a healthy society is one that is perpetually in balance and static. This would be an artificial status quo that denied the possibility for growth. A healthy society is one that is dynamic, where struggle and differences of opinion exist, but where respectful resolution of issues stimulates the possibility for growth and change.

The path to a healthy society begins with the empowerment of the individual. When individuals are empowered, supported, and nurtured, it is possible to eliminate issues such as war, hunger, poverty, and crime.

When individuals are empowered, they feel secure and confident enough to take care of their own needs and have the courage to confront challenges with integrity. Extrapolated to a society of such individuals, there would then be no need for weapons and war – the tools of the defenseless, the weak, the frightened, and the unempowered.

When individuals are empowered, they feel compelled to support and help others. There is a natural desire to share resources and ideas creatively, and a willingness to share rather than covet power and money to help eliminate poverty and hunger.

When there is less poverty and hunger, we begin to feel more secure and allow ourselves to connect with others – especially those who seem different to ourselves – eliminating the root causes of crime and hatred.

To be empowered means having a healthy relationship with power. In order to move towards a healthy society and Lasting Peace, we have to rethink our notions and definitions of power, and discover the meaning of True Power.

Through most of history, power has been seen as something that needs to be possessed, to be conquered, and in order to have power, we must take it away form others – eat or be eaten. This has lead to the continual, habitual rise and fall of nations and empires, unbalanced class and economic structures, and the inability for humankind to progress spiritually. We may have made enormous technological and intellectual achievements, yet we still play out the same power games that result in enormous amounts of destruction and death. In fact, the very fruits of our technological and intellectual achievements have brought humankind and all other creatures on this planet to the brink of total annihilation.

The shift that we need to see is that Power is a force in itself and cannot be possessed or conquered. It is far larger than any of us. The best we can do is find ways to share power, to respect it. Power is not something we put on, or take, or deposit, or steal or hide away. Power is something we can embody; it is something that possesses us – not the other way around. It is something that we receive, we borrow, we share, and we use to co-create. There is no need to horde power or conquer others to get it – there is enough for everyone.

The way to a healthy society is when each individual understands this and can see their own part in the fear, hate and violence that comes about because of the need to conquer, and opens to their own personal empowerment and commits to supporting others in their journey towards personal empowerment.




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